The shelter locations

Discover the devices of the CAPE MOUNTAIN HOMELESS SHELTER association

The actions of the CAPE MOUNTAIN HOMELESS SHELTER are summarized in its motto: Welcoming / Hosting / Supporting / Inserting

They are carried out by setting up several measures which are so many graduated and adapted responses to allow each person welcomed, “Passengers”, to rebuild themselves and find their place in society.

  • The entire SHELTER system is developed around two families of activities: the “reception and accommodation” pole and the “professional integration” pole.
    The “reception and accommodation” pole includes:
  • Daycare centers
  • Emergency accommodation centers
  • Integration accommodation centers
  • Health actions
  • Support actions                                 

The “professional integration” pole includes:

  • The Workshop and Integration Site
  • The E.P.R.H.E. (Evolutive Path of Return to Housing Through Employment)
  • The Employment-Training Mission

We help, we take care and sharing