Sustainable integration requires access to housing – supported or independent – through economic independence and health.
The vocation of the “Professional Integration” Pole is to promote the return to employment of people in a fragile social and/or professional situation, in order to enable them to access sustainable social and financial autonomy.

The actions carried out aim to stimulate and support the individual capacities of people in precarious situations by giving them the means to take responsibility for acquiring personal confidence and professional skills giving access to ordinary employment.

Support for Professional Integration is achieved through networking of means at the service of people in situations of exclusion but who have expressed a motivated desire to invest in achieving their professional project. It also means training and supporting employees towards and in employment, to facilitate the recruitment of competent and motivated staff for companies.

THE SHELTER offers ???? full-time equivalent positions (or approximately ???? employees in integration) to people-oriented by Pôle Emploi, the Local Missions, and other specifiers, in the Workshop and Integration Worksite. These are all springboards towards a common law job.

For example, the maintenance of premises and the laundry room are provided by people in integration.
He manages a support system for access to housing through employment, called E.P.R.H.E. (Evolutionary Path of Return to Housing through Employment).