Giving each Passenger the opportunity to benefit from a health consultation is a medical follow-up
The objective of the service and the taking into account of the health difficulties of each Passenger who requests it, and his support towards the health services of the common law.

This mission complements and supports the reception, accommodation, support, and integration activities of SHELTER, in a transversal manner.

It participates in a global consideration of the needs and capacities of Passengers. The cohesion between the medical team and the socio-educational teams is the foundation.

Health Activities are not intended to replace common law health but must address the shortcomings of the health system through specific actions (Rest Beds, Place of Hygiene, Health Points).
This action is ensured by a pole of voluntary and salaried professionals, and by an important partnership with hospitals and external networks.

Does THE SHELTER offer?

Rest beds to accommodate men whose state of health does not require hospitalization but light care and medical monitoring